Tatiana Townsend RMT and Reiki MasterTatiana Townsend began her studies in Massage Therapy in 1992, while residing in her home- town of Moldova. Upon immigrating to Canada, Tatiana completed her Massage Therapy through the International Academy of Massage. Tatiana graduated in 2005 with special Distinction and received a peer elected Participation Award for her outstanding professionalism. Tatiana have 10 years of experience working RMT ,including  working with MVA (motor vehicles accident ),WSIB, prenatal,infants and teenagers) ,geriatric clients.
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Client Testimonials

“I’ve received massage treatment from Tatiana for my acute-on-chronic headache and neck pain. They became so severe, affecting my sleep and life in general. I found Tatiana’s approach is gentle and at the same time firm, leaving relaxed, pleasant ”shivering” feeling afterwards. After several sessions I’ve felt significant pain relief and overall started feeling better, appreciating her treatment.”

“Tatiana takes a keen, compassionate and professional interest in her clients. She is very knowledgeable in her field of massage and Reiki and brings to her practice intuitive abilities. She’s been great help in addressing my mom’s pain; this prompted me to take on her services. I recommend her highly!”

“I originally began treatment with Tatiana several years ago, as part of a doctor prescribed treatment program for an injured shoulder. This injury quickly recovered. I was so impressed with her massage therapy skills and expertise; that I decided to undergo regular massage therapy to manage my chronic pain, which is due to back issues Continue Reading

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